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The word spa has its origin linked to a city in Belgium


Spa is a Belgian city in the province of Liège.


There is approximately one sauna for every three people in Finland 

The sauna is one of the most important parts of the daily life of the Finns. Every day, entire families "take a sauna" in their private sauna. According to official records, there are at least 2 million saunas in Finland. The Finnish Sauna Society thinks the number is even higher, reaching 3.2 million. That's for a population of 5.4 million!

Several other cultures around the world have their own type of bath houses or bath rituals


In many of them, they are even considered spiritual experiences. In ancient Rome, there were spas. The Turkish or Arab bath is known as the Hamam. In Europe, there is also the russina Bania. In Asia the japanes Sento and the korean Jjimjilbang.


There is a sauna in the Helsinki International Airport


Reopened in July 2014 after a renovation the new Premium Lounge da Finnair, in the Helsinki Airport, offers as part of the last renovation a complete spa, including a traditional Finnish sauna. As is customary in the country bathing suits are not allowed and the sauna is frequented by both men and women. Towels, shampoos, bath gels and moisturizing creams made of wild fruits from the Finnish forests are included in the service.

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